“... the Medienhaus Da Vinci GmbH & Co. KG is in search of suitable, further locations ...”

“... owners or tenants of a conveniently situated building or property are able to benefit from the suitable location for considerable and safe rental income without additional expenditure ...”

“... after completing the suitability test, a joint planning follows. The Medienhaus Da Vinci self-evidently takes care of the required formalities with public authorities. The following realisation and implementation will equally be planned and executed accurately ...”

“... the owners get a reliable partner and tenant. In economic term, the installation upgrades the property considerably. In this connection the building or the property is subject to an increase in value ...”

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“... approved and fully certified by the German Technical Inspection Association [ TÜV ] launched on the European market for the first time ...”

“... Outdoor advertising on digital media offers a flexibility which would be hard to achieve otherwise ...”