“... the innovative technology, the appealing design and the carefully selected materials are the basic conditions for the high quality presentation of the promotional content. These quality features are kept on a high level technically as well as visually and are completed by professional maintenance and consulting ...”


“... due to sophisticated know-how, the access to the content and therefore the implementation of all requested modifications are economically feasible at any time. All media walls are both parallel and serial addressable which allows a flexible handling with the content. The different possibilities of placement provide additional flexibility in the individual planning ...”


“... the advertising message can be adjusted rapidly after current events and incidents. If necessary, it is possible to respond promptly to competitors’ offers as well as to other changes of the market ...”


“... these advertising operations are not only unique with regard to the broadcasting and running times, frequency and spot length but also due to an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio ...”


“... advertising paired with information enables a strong attention of all target groups and increases the same ...”


“... due to coverage measurements and contact calculations on the basis of regular frequency counting, the success of the campaign is constantly transparent and comprehensible ...”

A high level of attention and high contact potential ensure:

  • 1. Image improvement
  • 2. Increase in the level of awareness
  • 3. Increase in sales and gain in market share

“... approved and fully certified by the German Technical Inspection Association [ TÜV ] launched on the European market for the first time ...”

“... Outdoor advertising on digital media offers a flexibility which would be hard to achieve otherwise ...”