The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development has determined in the commissioned study “Mobility in Germany 2008” that due to the sharply rising mobility of almost every population group, the use of the media is shifting more and more outside the homes in the public space.

“... the digital media walls REACH these mobile target groups with a high purchasing power where they are open-minded for the advertising message. Due to the presence of the media in public space, impulses for action can be generated target-oriented ...”

The Wall Street Journal writes about the digital media walls: “... outdoor advertising on digital media offers advertisers a flexibility that could otherwise be hard to achieve. For companies, institutions and individuals who should be seen as innovative, modern and future-oriented, the use of this form of media has become inevitable ...”

“... Pictures in motion on digital billboards are proven to be 6 times more effective than conventional advertising methods ...”

Harris Poll, New York


“... a survey of the media agency Kinetic in the year 2012 has shown that most of the interviewees were pre-dispositioned to digital signage advertising. Companies that made use of this kind of advertising increased their prestige value while the consumers received interesting product information ...”

“... the media walls provide the infrastructure of realtime communication and therefore the opportunity to send and receive the information precisely and in a timely manner, which complies with the high requirements of the information age, the media use and the mobility of the XXI century ...”

“... approved and fully certified by the German Technical Inspection Association [ TÜV ] launched on the European market for the first time ...”

“... Outdoor advertising on digital media offers a flexibility which would be hard to achieve otherwise ...”