“... advertising has the purpose to create awareness for the brand, service or a product which finally positively influences the consumption and therefore the purchase decision. The advertising message has to be perceived and the target group’s attention must be drawn ...”

“... the reminder value of the advertising message is the component which indicates the effectiveness of the advertising effort ...”

“... due to the perception of agile advertising messages as distinctive dimensions, these were sustainably transeferred and hereby the reminer values decisively set ...”

“... despite or due to the growing fragmentation of the media scene and thereby coming along with the division and reduction of the attention, especially the digital media walls are the factors that have the ability to incure the interest and thereby to the conveyed message.”

Dr. M.Liffert [Basel], 2012

“Whenever you aim to invest a dollar in your business, you should keep a second ready to anounce it.”

Henry Ford

“... approved and fully certified by the German Technical Inspection Association [ TÜV ] launched on the European market for the first time ...”

“... Outdoor advertising on digital media offers a flexibility which would be hard to achieve otherwise ...”