Media walls - Pro

  • Flexibility
  • Power of persuasion
  • Effectiveness
  • Short-term planning and booking

Media walls - Con

“... we continually strive to better the quality of our products. We are grateful for constructive criticism in advance ...”

Network placement

“... all media walls within the network can be placed in an alliance (or: union). As a result diverse regions can be covered and a particular high coverage can be reached ...”

Selective placement

“... the selective placement allows the placement of different or several media walls. The selective placement is primarily used to perform a regional restriction of the advertising ...”

Exclusive placement

“... the frequency, the broadcasting and running times are coordinated target-oriented ...”

“... approved and fully certified by the German Technical Inspection Association [ TÜV ] launched on the European market for the first time ...”

“... Outdoor advertising on digital media offers a flexibility which would be hard to achieve otherwise ...”